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Henrietta Ambulance Given Five Star Excellence Award

Henrietta, NY, May 11, 2011 — Henrietta Ambulance announced today that it is the recipient of a Five Star Excellence Award for scoring in the top 10% nationally for overall quality of patient care. The award was given to the agency on behalf of Professional Research Consultants (PRC), an independent company that surveys patients and monitors the agency’s overall performance.

Henrietta Ambulance’s data was compared against that of other EMS agencies from across the U.S. as well as other healthcare facilities including hospitals and inpatient units for 2010. The award is a direct reflection of patient’s responses to ongoing surveys that are conducted after the agency transports to a local hospital.

“We felt the need to start acquiring candid feedback from our patients,” says Chief Reg Allen. “As a leading EMS agency in the region, we’ve made a commitment to monitoring our performance in a variety of areas. The results of the survey are reviewed quarterly and allow us to see first-hand how our patients perceive our care and identify areas that may need attention.”

“As a whole, our agency is thrilled to have received this honor,” says President Tracey Wenzel. “Each of our members focus on giving the very best care to each of our patients, whether it be in specific areas like pain control or something as simple as improved bedside manner.”

The award was presented to Henrietta Ambulance at an award ceremony on May 5, 2011.