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CHS Healthcare Deployed to Assist Overstrained Flood Areas

Henrietta, NY, September 2, 2011 — CHS Healthcare has been requested to Cobleskill, NY in Schoharie County to provide assistance to the local ambulance companies who have been overtaxed by the recent flooding. The agency is sending four employees to the area, operating on two staffed paramedic ambulances. The crews will depart Saturday September 3rd at noon and are scheduled to return on Monday evening September 5.

While deployed, the crews will respond to local 911 calls for service including medical calls, motor vehicle accidents, and transporting the patients to local hospitals. Members from CHS Healthcare have just returned from a deployment this past weekend. They were sent to provide medical support to the Monroe County Swift Water Rescue Team. Monroe County is one of the only swift water rescue teams that deploys with its own paramedic unit to ensure that prompt medical care is administered if a team member is injured.