Major Events In Our History

From Most Recent to 1957
Date Event
2015 Larry Michael promoted to Deputy Chief, Operations
2015 Matthew Jarrett promoted to Assistant Chief, Medical Billing
2015 53rd Annual Banquet & Celebration Held at RIT Inn & Conference Center
2015 Medical billing brought in-house; starting January 1, 2015
2014 5,912 calls with 4,046 transports. Call coverage of 97.5%
2014 1,159 people trained in CPR/AED use through community classes
2014 Paramedic Chris Murtaugh honored with ALS Provider of the Year for Monroe County
2014 Linda Missel promoted to Assistant Chief, Training
2014 Henrietta Ambulance is awarded the American Heart Association’s Mission: Lifeline® EMS Silver Award
2014 Agency receives two awards: (1) Five Star Excellence Award and (2) Top Performer, Overall Quality of Care
2014 52nd Annual Banquet & Celebration Held at RIT Inn & Conference Center
2013 Two new replacement ambulances placed in-service; 6169 and 6179
2013 Five Star Excellence Award received for outstanding patient care; 2nd time agency has received award
2013 Agency begins community education on “Hands Only CPR”; Attends local events/festivals
2013 51st Annual Banquet & Celebration Held at RIT Inn & Conference Center
2012 2012 Dodge minivan purchased; Wrapped with custom design to promote CPR education in the community
2012 Captain Matthew Jarrett wins EMT/BLS Provider of the Year for New York State
2012 New ambulance 6159 placed into service; fleet now includes 6 ambulances and 3 fly cars
2012 50th anniversary banquet/celebration held (January 28, 2012) at the Hyatt, downtown Rochester, NY
2012 HVA takes delivery of advanced simulation mannequin; marks the start of a new era of training
2012 Agency continues to grow — 72 members, 20 full-time employees, 5,900 calls/year, annual budget $2.9 million
2011 Plans underway to celebrate 50th anniversary of the organization
2011 Expanded public website launches, offering a wealth of information & educational material to the community
2011 Agency growth; 5,800 calls/year, 19 full-time employees, 30 volunteers, 13 part-time employees, operating budget of $2.6 million
2011 Ambulance 6199 placed into service; fleet now includes 6 ambulances and 4 fly cars
2011 Five Star Excellence Award received for outstanding patient care
2010 Henrietta Ambulance wins “agency of the year” award from the local STEP EMS council for Monroe-Livingston
2010 First response fly car purchased for the Deputy Chief
2010 Operational restructuring; full ranking of operations officers placed
2009 Henrietta Ambulance trains 300+ community residents in CPR/AED in one year
2009 Newly renovated & expanded Training Center is dedicated & opens to the public
2009 Free CPR/AED training offered to all full-time residents of Henrietta
2009 2 new ambulances purchased, 6149 & a new 6189; total fleet is now 5 ambulances and 3 fly cars
2009 First response fly car placed in service for the Chief
2008 Henrietta Ambulance wins “agency of the year” award from the local STEP EMS council for Monroe-Livingston
2007 Call volume increases to 4,800 requests/year
2004 Dedication ceremony & grand opening of new headquarters
2003 4th ambulance purchased, 6189
2002 HVA membership approves the plan to build a new base at a cost of $1.5M
2002 Henrietta Ambulance wins “agency of the year” award from the local STEP EMS council for Monroe-Livingston
2002 Agency celebrates 40th anniversary
2001 Henrietta sends ambulance and 6 volunteers to NYC to assist at World Trade Center
2001 Agency has 100 volunteers, 30 paid staff, annual budget of $980,000, 4,500 calls/year
2000 Full-time administrator hired to oversee the agency’s daily operations
1999 Plans & fundraising underway to construct new agency headquarters; existing base continues to wear and space is quickly outgrown
2000 Agency begins 3rd party billing of non-residents
1999 Per diem staff hired for the first time
1997 “Defib 50” placed into service; total fleet now 6 vehicles
1993 Agency hires first full-time employees
1992 Agency hires first paid dispatcher
1991 Membership crisis; day shifts go uncovered on a regular basis, agency occasionally shuts down due to lack of volunteers
1991 Severe ice storm; agency has 36 calls in one day and covers 100%, single greatest call rate in a day
1991 8-sided orange patch placed into use
1991 Ambulance tax district formed; increasing costs, declining membership, lack of money
1989-1992 Base remodeling complete – garage space increased from 3 to 6 spots, new dispatch area constructed, living room moved to old garage area
1988 Medic 52 placed into service
1985 Operating budget is $100,000/year
1985 New ambulance designators; 185, 186, 187 become 6159, 6169 & 6179; Medic 3 becomes Medic 51
1984 First modular ambulance purchased
1983-1993 Decade of increasing call volume & declining membership
1980 Volunteer membership at 145; all time high
1976 Third ambulance purchased
1976 Advent of ALS (advanced life support); Medic 3 vehicle purchased
1976 Training wing and rear garages added
1973 Second van ambulance introduced (Dodge van); last Cadillac ambulance retired
1971 First van ambulance introduced (Chevrolet van)
1969 Hospital color codes began
1969 Second ambulance added (1969 Cadillac); back-up initiated
1967 Minimum duty set at 6 shifts per quarter
1967 First members trained in “closed chest massage” (CPR)
1966 First “ambu bag” (BVM) purchased
1966 First base mortgage is paid off
1966 Agency abandons “red cross” on shoulder patch due to a complaint from the American Red Cross
1965 Agency “goes 24/7”
1965 Dedication of the new base; agency has its 530th call
1964 Groundbreaking of our new home (that moved us to 280 Calkins Rd)
1964 New ambulance – 1963 Cadillac
July 1963 Agency responds to 99th call
February 16, 1963 Agency dedication ceremony
February 15, 1963 ~0900hrs, first emergency call; back pain in the Riverview Heights area
1963 Agency purchases ambulance (1951 Buick) and finds temporary home at 3019 E. Henrietta Rd
1962 Training held for new members
May 25, 1962 Henrietta Volunteer Ambulance Service, Inc. formally incorporated
March 15, 1962 Public call for formation of a volunteer ambulance service in Henrietta
1962 Meetings begin in earnest after child struck in front of 2151 E. Henrietta Rd.
1959-1961 Meetings held to discuss ambulance service
1957 Concerned citizens worried about lack of local ambulance coverage