Learning CPR can truly help save someone’s life. But what exactly is CPR and why is it so important?

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is a life-saving combination of timely chest compressions & rescue breathing delivered to a person who is not breathing and/or whose heart has stopped beating.

When someone goes into cardiac arrest, their heart stops functioning appropriately and they stop breathing. The only way to get blood to the body’s vital organs is to do manual external “compressions” on the chest in an effort to circulate blood. Doing chest compressions is the single most important part of doing CPR.

If someone is in cardiac arrest and they do not have adequate CPR performed, their chance of survival decreases by 10% every minute that passes. This is why we need your help. An ambulance crew or other medical professional cannot be with every patient at all times. When someone goes into cardiac arrest, it happens suddenly and the need immediate CPR in order to have a further chance at surviving.

Please help us by taking just 4 short hours out of your day and learn CPR. A simple 4-hour class can do so much when seconds truly count. Show someone you love them, learn CPR.

Basic Steps For CPR

  1. Check for response – tap & shout
  2. If no response, send someone to call 911 immediately
  3. If alone, call 911 yourself
  4. If available, send someone to get an AED
  5. Start giving 30 chest compressions – press hard, press fast and press deep
  6. Give 2 breaths
  7. If an AED arrives at the patient’s side, use it immediately and then resume compressions & breathing (start with compressions)
  8. Repeat 30:2 sequence of CPR until trained help arrives

Henrietta Ambulance is proudly certified as an American Heart Association (AHA) Training Site. Whether you’re an individual in the community, a medical professional, or a business owner looking to train your employees in CPR, our staff will work closely with you to setup a training program that allows you or your employees to help others in their time of need.

We proudly offer FREE CPR training to all full-time residents of Henrietta, Chili and Wheatland

For more information on our CPR training program, visit the following links:

Legal Disclaimer: All information provided here is solely for educational purposes. It is not meant to be considered medical advice and is not meant to replace the advice of a licensed medical professional. In case of emergency, always dial 911.