Dispatch & Communications

All our crews are dispatched by the Monroe County 911 Center (Office of Emergency Communications). This means that if you need an ambulance to respond to your location, you should ALWAYS DIAL 911. Do not call our private business line.

When you call 911, you are routed to a dispatch center in downtown Rochester which handles the dispatch services for all EMS, fire and police agencies in Monroe County. A telecommunicator will ask you a number of questions in an attempt to determine if the need is fire, police or EMS related.

If medical attention is needed and the call is within the Town of Henrietta, the call data is routed to a dispatcher at 911 who in turn sends the “job” to CHS Healthcare. We receive the call via a secure computer, alphanumeric digital pagers and by voice dispatch over a radio frequency.

CHS Healthcare does not have dispatchers in-house 24/7. We do, from time to time, have a few members that volunteer their time to acknowledge calls from the 911 dispatcher, answer the business line, and greet people at our base. There is not always someone at our headquarters to answer your telephone call. Given this, it is critical that if you wish for CHS Healthcare to respond to assist you, ALWAYS DIAL 911. If you do call our business line for a medical concern, we will ask you to hang up and call 911 instead.

Once an ambulance crew has been dispatched to you, they remain in contact with the 911 dispatcher and other responding units by way of two-way radio communication.