Thank you for your interest in CHS Healthcare. The first step in joining our agency is to apply. Continue reading for additional information about the volunteer opportunities available…

Base Attendant

With numerous and varied duties, our Base Attendants act as the “face” of CHS Healthcare by greeting walk-in visitors to the base including the general public, patients, local business partners. This position requires no medical knowledge and is open to anyone over the age of 18. CPR, First Aid and blood pressure training will be provided to all members in this position. For more details, view the complete job description (PDF).


Applicants for active membership must be 18 years or older. We prefer members who already hold an NYS EMT certification however, you may apply for membership without an EMT card and we will hold your application on-file until you complete the training. You may also volunteer as a Base Attendant until you’ve completed your EMT training. View EMT Job Description >


In order to drive our fleet, you must be a cleared Medic/EMT who has completed a certain number of patient contact hours. We do not offer a “driver only” position.

Explorer Post

We also have an Explorer Post for those younger than 18 who wish to become involved.

Volunteering With Us…

The amount of time our members commit to volunteering with us varies from person to person. All active members must currently volunteer at least 12 hours per month. Many members volunteer as much as 80-100 hours each month. It is important to point out that in order to become a “cleared” (functioning on your own) medic, you must be willing and able to dedicate a good deal of time to us during the training process. EMS is a very complex and complicated job, one that requires a lot of education, practice and time. We hope that you’ll be able to commit as much time as possible to us as you start the training process.

If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer with us, please read more about the process, your role, and applying for volunteer membership.

  • All members must wear an approved uniform at all times while on duty
  • Each uniform shall be supplied with a CHS Healthcare emblem patch
  • Uniforms must be neat, clean, and fit properly in order to give the professional image for which we stand
  • Members are responsible for providing their own approved black boots, black belt, and white undershirt
  • As a new member (trainee), available shifts are 7 days/week, from 7am – 11pm
  • We require trainees to submit their availability 1 month in advance so that we can schedule them with appropriate FTO’s (field training officers)
  • Trainees may not practice their skills or train without the presence of an FTO
  • All training is provided at no cost to our volunteers (the only out of pocket costs are boots, a belt and a white undershirt)

A Rewarding Experience

Volunteering your time with an EMS agency can be an extremely rewarding experience. Our members enjoy the spontaneity and variety that comes with the nature of our business. You will be given an opportunity to take care of patients in their time of need. When someone calls 911 and requests an ambulance, you will be the face of concern, care and skill – providing an invaluable service to the community.


Our volunteers appreciate the many tangible benefits offered by our agency including:

  • Uniform allotment – EMS pants, duty shirt & necessary ID
  • Ongoing training
  • Rewards program – earn points for each hour volunteered & other things
  • Digital pagers – available at no-cost to all cleared medics
  • Annual banquet
  • Snacks – our kitchen is stocked with a variety of basic food items & snacks