Your Role

As a new member of CHS Healthcare, after your initial orientation, you will have the option to train as either a Base Attendant or “medic trainee”. We do not allow our members to drive without first being an EMT and cleared as a medic.

Base Attendant

To be cleared as a Base Attendant, you must complete all training requirements including CPR (BLS Provider), HIPAA, Bloodborne Pathogens, Child Protection, and HAZMAT. Our Base Attendants provide a great service by acknowledging inbound EMS calls from 911 via radio, answering the telephone, addressing walk-ins to our base, taking blood pressures and keeping track of times of our crews on the road. You must be 18 years of age to start training as a Base Attendant. VIEW FULL JOB DESCRIPTION >

During your training, you will sit with a “cleared” Base Attendant and learn the various tasks you will need to operate on your own as a Base Attendant.

Medic / EMT-Basic (BLS: Basic Life Support)

To start training as a medic with us, you must be one of the following:

  • Currently a NYS EMT-Basic
  • Currently enrolled in a NYS EMT-Basic class (see EMT classes at MCC)
  • Have plans to enroll in a NYS EMT-Basic class within the next 3 months

CHS Healthcare does not offer EMT training classes through our agency. You must obtain your New York State certification from an approved EMT-Basic program such as Monroe Community College (MCC). However, through MCC, they do occasionally host an EMT class in the CHS Healthcare Training Center. For more information about how to get your NYS EMT certification through MCC, contact them at (585) 753-3800.

If you’re not currently an EMT, you may still apply for membership with us. We will either hold your application on-file or approve you as an active member of CHS Healthcare with the understanding that you will be enrolling in an EMT program in the very near future. During this time, you will be able to start observing at our agency and learn some of the basic functions of our operations.

For more information on becoming an EMT in New York State, click here.

There are other requirements prior to becoming a medic. You must possess a current CPR card (BLS for the Healthcare provider) and complete training on other topics including HIPAA, Bloodborne Pathogens, Child Protection, NIMS and HAZMAT.

Our training department offers all new members an extensive and detailed training manual that details the specific requirements for clearing as a medic at CHS Healthcare. The program is broken down into “levels” that allow you to start out small and grow through the levels as you gain knowledge and confidence.

More About the BLS EMT Role
BLS is handled by a NYS certified EMT who evaluates and treats the patient at the scene and en route to the hospital. In New York State, EMTs are trained to handle a variety of patient symptoms, illnesses and injury including bleeding, falls/trauma, oxygen administration and more. All medics are certified to use an AED (automated external cardiac defibrillator), units used on patients who are in cardiac arrest to “shock” their hearts into a normal rhythm. Basic EMTs are also all trained in the administration of Epi-Pens, Aspirin, Nitrogylcerin and Albuterol which can help save a patient’s life if they are experiencing certain symptoms.

Paramedic / ALS Provider (Advanced Life Support)

In order to become a paramedic, you must first be a NYS EMT and then enroll in an approved NYS paramedic education program. Locally, these are offered through MCC and FLCC. We do not offer paramedic education through our agency. Once you’ve obtained paramedic certification (generally a full-time 15-18 month program), you may volunteer your time with us. We encourage you to contact us for details on our ALS program and our requirements for enrolling.

More About the ALS (Paramedic) Role
ALS is handled at CHS Healthcare by NYS certified paramedics. Paramedics respond on life threatening (or potentially life threatening) emergencies as well as other serious calls. They assist in caring for the seriously injured or ill patients. Any emergency call that involves a life-threatening situation will have an ALS technician respond to it.

Paramedics at CHS Healthcare are trained to:

  • Start IV or IO access (intravenous or intraosseous)
  • Administer advanced medications – over 25 different drugs
  • Provide advanced respiratory care – CPAP, intubation, orogastric tubes, surgical airway
  • Diagnose and treat cardiac rhythm disorders
  • Manage & oversee primary care for patients in cardiac arrest
  • Treat life threatening traumatic injury
  • Provide pain management
  • Interpret advanced cardiac ECG’s (12-lead) – identifying life threatening heart attacks
  • Diagnose acute stroke symptoms


To be eligible to train as a driver, you must first be a cleared medic/EMT and practice in the medic role for at least 6 months. All drivers are required to take an approved EVOC course upon clearing as a driver.

The driver’s primary responsibility is to drive the ambulance to and from the emergency scene. Our drivers are trained to operate the ambulance under “lights and siren” conditions. They assist the medic in caring for the patient at the emergency scene and is fully qualified to care for a patient on their own, if necessary.